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Raspberry Revolution E-liquid (10ml)
Smooth, sweet and juicy. This liquid gives off a thick and delicious vapour that will have you reaching for a refill in no time! Certain to become an all day vape for many Lickwid customers.          ..
£2.50 £1.25
Based on 9 reviews.

Forest Berry Blast E-liquid (10ml)
An irresistible blend of wild fruits that dances on the tongue. Perfectly balanced and incredibly moreish; a flavour that endures long after most others would have faded.                              ..
£2.50 £1.25
Based on 8 reviews.

Peppermint Candy E-liquid (10ml)
Sweet, sugary peppermint goodness. A clean and fresh flavour carried by plumes of thick vapour.                                                                                                         ..
£2.50 £1.25
Based on 7 reviews.

Cherry Cola E-liquid (10ml)
An expertly balanced blend of cherry and cola, with a subtle hint of almond to give a taste almost identical to a certain famous soft drink that will go un-named :p                                    ..
£2.50 £1.25
Based on 4 reviews.

Menthol Mania E-liquid (10ml)
A powerful blast of icy menthol rounded out by the subtle taste of peppermint. The flavour is best described as deep, cool and intense. Definitely not your run-of-the-mill menthol.                    ..
£2.50 £1.25
Based on 2 reviews.

Lickwid Energy E-liquid (10ml)
We'll assume you know what we're hinting at with this one! If you've ever had a can you'll recognise the taste immediately. Sweet, refreshing and energising.                                           ..
£2.50 £1.25
Based on 1 reviews.

Prime Lime E-liquid (10ml)
Rich, fruity, and incredibly realistic; think freshly squeezed rather than cordial. The deep, natural flavour of the vapour is accompanied by a pleasurably strong throat hit.                          ..
£2.50 £1.25
Based on 1 reviews.

Lemon Drops E-liquid (10ml)
The perfect balance of sweet and sour; this citrus candy mix is reminiscent of the classic lemon drop flavour. A thoroughly satisfying and refreshing vape.                                             ..
£2.50 £1.25
Based on 3 reviews.

BlackJack Attack E-liquid (10ml)
The nostalgic taste of the classic sweet;  an intense hit of rich aniseed accompanied by delightful spicy undertones and just a hint of sweet citrus.                                                   ..
£2.50 £1.25
Based on 6 reviews.